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Stress-Free Scaffolding Hire in Fleet, Hampshire

Giving you the easiest service possible. Call Fleet Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd today for practical and efficient scaffolding hire in Fleet, Hampshire.

Scaffolding Hire

The whole roofing repair package. When you choose Fleet Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd we deal entirely with any scaffolding hire that may be required. You never have to worry about dealing with various contractors when you use us, so sit back and let us take care of it.

Our unified service means you never have to worry about scaffold hire costs going up due to unforeseen issues causing a project to overrun. What you see is what you get with us!

Scaffolding - Scaffolding Hire in Fleet, Hampshire

Quality as Standard

We erect scaffolding that meets all health and safety regulations and gives the best platform for our roofers to make sure any work is done to the highest standard. The scaffolding is designed to be up for any amount of time, so don’t worry about the length of the job.

Chimney Work

Give your chimney the once-over from roofing specialists. When we carry out roof work we are happy to take a look at your chimneys to make sure they are in good shape. We currently only offer this in conjunction with our roofing services, but take care of a variety of chimney issues, such as:

• Rebuilding  Removals • Lead work • Pot replacements • Cowl replacements


Safe Hands

Relax in the knowledge that we are the experts. In case a customer is a little nervous about the work going on above their property, we are here to ease their worries. Our experienced staff are on site at all times and are always friendly and approachable, on top of that our Director carries out site visits to keep you fully informed of the whole process.
Contact Fleet Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd based in Fleet, Hampshire for stress-free
scaffolding hire that takes all the difficulty away from roof repairs.