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Invest in roof repairs that keep the rain out. Call Fleet Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd for friendly and dependable roofing contractors in Fleet, Hampshire.

Re-Roofing Service

For an overhaul that sees your roof looking as good as new. Our re-roofing service involves stripping off the old covering and supplying you with a new one. This is a service for particularly old roofs that require lots of maintenance, and is often more cost effective for customers than regular repairs.

The process with all of our work starts when you call us up for an appointment. We then go round and measure it all up and arrange a no-obligation quote for you. The timescale of the job depends on the size of the project, and we give you an accurate estimate before we get to work.


Flat Roofs

Take care of replacement roofs by employing Fleet Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd. With flat roofing, problems arise when the boarding rots around the roof. Flat roofs often cannot be repaired, but don’t worry, our re-roofing service replace the roof with a minimum of fuss.

Fixing Roofs

It’s never been easier to repair your roof. We’re here to help with everything from a slipped or broken tile to re-flaunching a chimney and any job in between. We are able to fix a variety of roofs made from a wide range of different materials, such as:

• Tile roofs

• Slate roofs • Flat roofs • Lead roofing


No More Leaks

Look no further than us to get your roof back to its best. For those frustrating times when the cause of a leak isn’t immediately apparent, we are here to diagnose any leak or damp patch you may have. Our experienced roofers know all the common problems and once we take a look we advise you on the issue and get to work.

For emergency jobs call us right away and we get to the heart of any problem. We are only a phone call away so don’t let a burst pipe in the attic cause any more trouble than it has to. A common reason for roof repairs is damage from storms and high winds, so call and have your roof back in shape in no time!

Contact Fleet Roofing & Scaffolding Ltd based in Fleet, Hampshire, for reliable roofing contractors who gets your roof looking as good as new.